What K9-11 could have been

So originally I intended K9-11 to more film noir in tone. Rex was not the main character but Sparky the detective was the main character! Sparky was the first character I drew, (despite Rex being the reason I started the game, I had trouble drawing him and his expressions so I wanted to make him a side character.)

"You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. " That's what they said when they tried to reject me from the force. Jokes on them, I was born tricky.

Very pretty aesthetic imo. Then I found out how time-consuming it was to shade every one of the dogs. (Let me tell you, it's time-consuming for me because both dogs and Film Noir style was something that I don't usually draw so it takes me time, at the expense of the story.) Even now, I look at this  pic and think I should fix something, it's really is a mess. lol.   

Rex plays somewhat the same role except he follows Sparky around and comments on things. If anyone ever played the Professor Layton games, it would be similar to the Professor and Luke, except Sparky would be really gruff explaining things. Then the same thing about phone calls that you would have to stop Rex from choosing the bad decision. The comedy would still be there but it would be a little different! I was going for an Arcade sort of feel with the game menu as you can see here: The text was kinda bright to give it a nightlife sorta feel. Though I'm not happy with the bright text so would have probably changed it 3,4 times.

The mangled bones was the most Film Noir ish title I could think of.

"The mangled bones" was the most Film Noir-ish title I could think of.
 Maybe this can be a spin-off mini vn after the main one is finished! (The story for the game was much shorter than the current one and it was more centered on Sparky and Rex's dad rather than Rex) 

Get K-911 Pet Emergency! (Demo)


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Hey now, this is actually a pretty interesting idea xD (and a good spin-off at that). If you ever release this, then I'll try it out (I'm not too familiar with the Film Noir genre, only seeing a few examples and I haven't played any Professor Layton games so... still I find this idea interesting) xD


Haha, I just like that genre because in my childhood, there was a lot of cartoon parody of it. (Most specifically Loony tune parody of that. (It did help that they spoke the same way) . 

Ah, don't worry, the comparison is not really as apt as I would like. I would say that the relationship is more about a tough gruff guy and his goofy,lovable side-work. 

I see, I see. And the gruff guy and loveable sidekick is a common trope (and balances the whole picture) so I wouldn't have any trouble following at any rate.