A downloadable Dog police game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hey, Pets. Owners being mean? Giving you too many baths when you smell perfectly fine like that skunk that you just rolled over this morning? Introducing the K9-11 police office, A dog run police office created just for situations just like this!  ! (Like a mix between Secret Agent and cop) Help other dogs out with their problems while trying to solve the mystery of who framed your father of joining up with the EVIL cats! WAIT! Did you say that there's a squirrel outside your window AND IT'S RUNNING AROUND?!?! HOLD UP! CALL THE ENTIRE  FORCE!!! WE NEED BACK UP!! K9-11 Dog police force for Dogs by Dogs!

You play as a Good boy fixing solving Important Pet emergencies such as

Where did that ball go?

I want what dad is eating!

WE NEED TO RUN away of a machine of immense power that is sucking away the life off of floors.
Help me HIDE from the vet!
How to PROTECT the house from EVIL, EVIL MAILMEN?

Lot's of zany cute Good boys/girls with problems. UNIQUE PORTRAITS AND TOTALLY NOT A RECOLOR. (okay, I lied about one or two.)

(AND MORE because there's way too many dogs in the picture already and Squeezing in all the dogs would make it hard to see them.)

Evil. Sassy. Cats
(well, they aren't totally evil but let's not pretend they are good. )


The demo is short but is it interesting? Did you like any of the dogs?

(I'm planing on doing a sequel which will include cat problems, Birds, fish, lizards, rodents AND SNEKS...but only if people are interested.) 

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading my game! I hope you like my game! (It's my first game )


K-911PetEmergencyDemo-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 75 MB
K-911PetEmergencyDemo-2.0-mac.zip 71 MB
K-911PetEmergencyDemo-2.0-pc.zip 89 MB

Development log


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Thanks for not giving up on this game, as we didn't either. Its such a good game. Cant wait for full game.

Oh hey! I remember you! I have to thank you for your first comment!!! It was so sweet and definitely helped me to keep going for the game! 

I'm currently developing day 3 and I hoping that I can finish the game for good this time. How did you like the second day? Hopefully, it was just as good as the first day! Day 3 will involve more of the main cast! 


Hey xD after you checked my VN, I visited your profile to see what you're working on and boy, am I glad to see what it is! From the get go, I already loved this VN xD From the main menu music to the lovely dogs as well as the cutscenes (the cutscenes are perfect xD I love the comics effect that you put in). I also like how expressive Rex is (Ninja Doggo!?) and I love that 'Call in the Hounds' animation (and all the other animations as well). My favorite character is obviously Rex (and Sparky as well). I like how honest and cheery he is, as well as his energy (definitely his energy). As for Uncle Sparky, I just like how he seemed so tired of everything and he just wants to rest and all haha xD

Overall, I love your characters, the art, the music, the animations, and the overall theme and why you started this VN in the first place (like I read through your devlogs and I really appreciate what you're trying to do!)

and on a smaller sidenote, here's some bugs I found so far:

- After Sean's case was finished, he kind off stayed even if it's no longer his dialogue? Like he appeared if there are pauses or if there's a transition between the convo with Rex and another dog.

- On Perdita's case, the Hounds dialogue appeared twice.

- On the next day, for Princess's case, her sprite disappeared on the What should I do? menu option (I just noticed that whenever there's a menu for each dog case, there sprite should be the one appearing on the menu choices and not Rex)

(1 edit) (+1)

I love making Rex expressions! :D I actually had to work harder on making them since I never really bothered to draw dogs very much! I was more into drawing people so having him match up with the real Rex who was expressive was such a challenge. The real Rex was extremely expressive in that if he was HAPPY, his WHOLE body shows it. He'll hop, wiggle,dance, tail becomes a helicopter! In contrast, the real Sparky was really mellow and even when he's happy you can only tell by his tail. He'll lick the human hello then goes back to his spot, just being content. 

I'm pretty surprised about Sean popping in all the time! Wow, I'll have to look into that because that was the reason why I left out Princess (Friendly lol.)dog's  in the "What should I do?" because she started to pop up between dialogue as well! Hopefully it's not something weird with my machine, I'm still new at renpy!

Thank you for taking the time to read my vn, seriously you had made my freaking day, you don't even know! I'm so happy that someone that I kinda look up to actually liked something I made!  THANK You!

(1 edit) (+1)

Ohh backstory from the real dogs (I want to see a dog who can fully express himself that way xD although our dog here may actually seem to be cheery too, his tail becomes a helicopter too when he approaches us so xD so let me rephrase that, I'd like to see a really huge dog be goofily happy although I'd probably lose energy first before his own dies. And I'd like to meet a Sparky too xD I'd probably be more comfortable with him since he'll probably be just lying beside me and waiting for pats if I feel like giving one.)

Although, I'm not new to renpy, I still feel new since I haven't really used it much to its potential (I just use the minimal and the stuff that I can understand without having to post a topic in lemmasoft, unless I really need to xD I'm amazed by your GUI though, are you using the legacy interface or is this the new one?). I wish I can help you with the random appearance of certain characters but I don't know any complex renpy or where the problem might come from so... but I'll be cheering you on and hope it gets fixed.

And YOU'RE WELCOME (x2)! I'm actually happy as well when I saw your comment on my VN and your VN intrigued me so I can't possibly not check it out ^^ (more points to Rex being a really happy dog). 


This is the best game I have ever played!

Thank you! Sorry for the late reply! I'm finally getting off my butt and working on this project asap and so far I've been making some good progress! I didn't get to see your comment when it posted but when I did get to see your comment, it was one of the reasons, I went back to making it!